No matter what career path you eventually pursue, a solid grasp of design principles and innovative thinking is a strong competitive advantage. Our club members have worked or interned at design consultancies, advertising agencies, start-ups, tech firms, and more.

The Design Club supports students interested in design-related careers by:

  • signal-boosting relevant job postings for both internships and full-time roles

  • hosting workshops that improve design skills (ex. UX Design with General Assembly)

  • inviting alumni and students to share their relevant experience

  • organizing treks, office visits, meet-ups, and more

Below are a few potential roles that MBAs with a passion for design can investigate.

Design Consulting

Design consulting firms use design thinking and principles to create measurable value for their clients, taking on projects that span a range of industries. MBA students at these firms will typically take on the role of Business Designer or Business Strategist, applying their strong business acumen and analytical thinking to help their project teams succeed.

Corporate Innovation

Across industries - from food to healthcare to consulting - many firms have recently recognized the importance of design and innovation, creating their own internal labs to ensure that they can meet changing market needs and address potential disruptions. MBAs who join a corporate innovation lab will typically take on the role of Strategist or Product Manager.

Product Management

Product managers are responsible for the development and success of products or business lines. They frequently work in cross-functional teams of engineers and designers, serving as the voice of the customer and championing their perspectives. MBAs who take on this role apply design principles such as prototyping, user testing, and iterations to achieve their goals.